Who paid Lenin?

I was intrigued by title of 2004 year documentary “Who paid Lenin?” I thought why? for what? I found out things I never heard about.

Two main persons in documentary: Russian revolutionary Lenin and a man called Alexander Parvus (born as Israel Lazarevich Gelfand).


Lenin and Parvus (Wikipedia.com)

At Wikipedia`s article about Lenin, Parvus and facts shown in documentary aren`t mentioned. Here are some interesting facts from the documentary:

  • Alexander Parvus arrived in Berlin in February, 1915. He met with some high standing German officials and wrote memorandum, where he explained a plan how to stop Russia from participating in WWI with help of revolution. Parvus had already participated in Russia`s revolution in 1905 and knew a lot about Russia.
  • Germans liked his ideas, Parvus got millions of German money. Part of the money he kept for himself, of course, and after the war he became one of the richest men in Europe. Other part was sent to Russia. To do it and keep secret contacts with men in Russia, offshores were set up in Copenhagen and later in Stockholm. Money was sent from German bank “Disconto Gesellshaft”.
  • Parvus met with Lenin in Swiss in May 1915. Lenin had never liked Parvus, but, as he was cynical and he wasn`t man of principle, he accepted Parvus plan and German money.
  • To meet German and Parvus goals, Lenin needed to be in Russia, but he was in Swiss. Special secret train was arranged for Lenin and other 33 people to get through Germany.
  • In Berlin train was stopped for 24 hours. It`s not proved, but possibly Lenin at that time met with some German statesmen. By the way, Lenin liked German beer.
  • Ironically, after October revolution when Lenin became first man in Russia he rejected Parvus (he wanted to play active role in Russia`s revolution too) with words “The revolution cannot be done with dirty hands”.  

Morality? Don`t trust other cynical man without principles, use him to meet your goals and then leave him. If not, he`ll use and leave you.

There is more to come for Lenin as I have got few more documentaries about him.

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3 responses to “Who paid Lenin?

  1. filopatria


    thanks a lot for your article which I will use translated in my blog if there is no opposition from your side.

    is there any chance to have the documantaries you are talking about? If yes I will be glad to know.

    Concerning the sealed train with which lenin traveled with there is a whole book entiled “the saeled train” of Pearson I think, but you probably know that.

    Thanks for any feedback in advance.

  2. Reblogged this on Galyna's Ukraine and commented:
    Quite interesting part of our history that many don’t know about!

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